Specialist Access Roofing

Survey Roofing is committed to providing all our clients with a comprehensive range of roofing services, no matter the style, size or scale of roof. To that end, we are proud to offer specialist access roofing services – including rope access methods – during our roof works across the UK.

In some cases, this kind of access is the most cost effective way to perform vital maintenance, repairs or installation works. When powered access or scaffolding is either infeasible or inappropriate, our fully trained operatives can continue their work without delay by utilising our range of rope access equipment.

We always work with the safety of our workers in mind, and our specialist access methods will be implemented with secure, professional attention to detail every time. The equipment we use meets all health and safety and industry regulations, and is only ever worn by trained roofing personnel.

For a comprehensive range of roofing maintenance works, no matter what kind of commercial roof you have, contact Survey Roofing today. We work in Croydon, Romford and nationwide, and our advisors based in Billericay, Essex, are always happy to assist.