Electronic Leak Detection

If your roof has a leak but you’re unsure where it is, what’s causing it, or even its severity, then you might feel at a loss as to how to approach fixing it.

At Survey Roofing, we use state of the art electronic leak detection equipment to locate leaks in commercial roofing systems – without having to dismantle your roof or disrupt your business.

Our accurate leak detection service, including electrical earth leakage testing, thermal imaging and moisture mapping allows us to pinpoint breeches in flat roof coverings and identify areas where moisture is penetrating below. This means there’s no worry of dismantling or otherwise disturbing your entire roof coverings to find the source of your leak.

As with our roof inspections, we report on our findings with photographic records of any leaks we find. From there, we will quote you for the necessary repair works, then can perform a professional roof leak repair service to resolve your issue completely.

Electronic leak detection saves you money, time and effort, and Survey Roofing are fully equipped to perform leak detection services in Croydon, Romford and throughout the country. Contact our team based in Billericay, Essex, today to find out more.