Chimney & Brickwork Repairs

Any commercial premises with an active chimney requires regular, professional maintenance works to keep employees safe at all times.

At Survey Roofing, we perform all manner of major and minor external chimney repairs to limit the potential for hazardous gas leaks into your commercial property.

From carbon monoxide leaks where chimneys have been capped incorrectly, to blocked or damaged chimneys which risk chimney fires, our teams work diligently to maintain the safety and performance of your commercial chimneys.

Whether we’re simply replacing clay roof tiles or rectifying severe internal chimney damage, we have the equipment and skills to solve any roofing or chimney issue without disrupting your business operation.

Survey Roofing are accredited commercial repair specialists with over 40 years in the industry. This means we are perfectly positioned to carry out vital reactive and planned repair works for commercial chimneys across the UK, including Croydon and Romford. From Billericay, Essex, to anywhere else nationwide, contact us for all your chimney and brickwork repairs today.